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Will we miss London?

Will we miss London?

If you wanted a straight answer, then the answer would be No.  However, it is never as simple as that.

London is a really exciting city, and there are still many times when I take in a view, or find a hidden and historic corner that I count myself lucky to live here.

Culturally, the city is positively weighed down in dishes to satisfy any appetite and this was one of the many reasons I moved back to live here from rural Kent a few years ago.

However, there is no escapng the fact that to enjoy fully the many wonderful things available in London, you need a healthy disposable income.  Yes, there are many free events and venues, but if you want to visit the theatre, or enjoy a concert, dine out or take a boat trip down the river, you need spare cash and a fair amount of it.

Some of my best London memories of recent years include sitting on some little-known roof terrace looking at the Thames with a cold drink in hand.  Sadly, this summer has not been hugely consistent, and the weather has not necessarily made it easy to sit outside for any length of time without the risk of a drenching.  Central London is, surprisingly, compact and it is easy to walk around and take in so much more, and it is always a pleasing thought that you might be able to reward yourself with a pint at a local pub.  However, this is no inexpensive pasttime, sadly.

Cycling around the city is lovely, but can be fraught; I hate the tube with a passion and the bus is not much better.  We live on the number 1 bus route and I can safely say that this is one of the worst services operating in London!

Every city has its problems brought about by too many people living in close proximity, by dirt and noise and we both feel ready for a move.

Things we may miss most (Andrew may disagree!):

Meeting up with our close friends for dinner or a drink;
Going to the theatre when we can afford it;
The delightful new roof terraces at the National Theatre;
Bar Tozino in Rope Walk, Maltby Street Market;
Walks to explore hidden corners of the city;
London in the snow (when we get any snow)
Never being without a choice of somewhere great to eat
The occasional trip on the Thames Clipper
King's Stairs Gardens in the sunshine;
Pubs on the river (The Prospect of Whitby, the Captain Kidd and the Mayflower all spring to mind)
A quick pint, with homemade cheesy shortbready biscuits, at our local pub The Grange

Things we definitely will not miss:

The tube in the summer; actually, the tube at any time;
The number 1 bus route;
Elephant & Castle;
Dirt and noise;
Cyclists who jump red lights!
Difficulty finding time in busy schedules to catch up with close friends for more than few drinks;
Work/life balance.
Cost of living.
Never having enough income!

Less than a week....

Less than a week....